Pfizer vaccination Clinic for anyone over the age of 12



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Please do not book an appointment if:

  • You had a positive Covid test in the last 4 weeks
  • You have multiple allergies or allergy to vaccine
  • You have had any febrile illness within the last 7 days
  • You have new symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, loss of taste or smell, persistent cough etc)

Further clinics will be added

Vaccinations will be taking place at

Hatzola Bay, 33 Broom Lane, Salford M7 4EQ

There are no walk-in appointments, you must book in advance

For any queries please email


Who will administer the vaccine?
Trained professionals from Hatzola and the NHS.

How long do I need to wait between first, second or third vaccine jab?
For age 12+ It must be at least 12 week’s intervals between 1st and 2nd dose.
For age 18+ It must be at least 8 week’s intervals between 1st and 2nd dose or 3-month intervals between 2nd and 3rd dose.

Can I have the boater jab if I’m under the age of 18?
Only if you have been invited by the NHS.
You must bring along your letter from the NHS inviting you to take the 3rd dose.

If my first jab was the Moderna or AstraZeneca, can I still have the Pfizer as my second jab?
Yes, the first second or third vaccine do not need to be the same vaccine

Will it be separate for men and women?
Yes. There is separate timing for men and women.

If I have a medical condition, can I still have the vaccine?
This is not something we can assess over the phone.
Although most people are eligible, there will be a clinical lead on site who will make a clinical decision on the day if the vaccine should override any medical condition.

Who’s running this vaccine clinic?
This is organised by Hatzola Manchester in conjunction with the NHS and Salford City Council.

If I take the vaccine, will it be registered with the NHS?
Yes. This event is run alongside the NHS and will have the same validation as doing it with your local GP or at any public vaccination centre.
As with any other vaccine clinics this will usually show on your vaccine passport within 24 hours, however this may sometimes take longer.

Can the vaccine be given to breastfeeding women and to people with a known single drug allergy?
Yes. Please note there will be a clinical supervisor in the vaccine hub so that you can discuss this prior to vaccination.

Can pregnant women take the vaccine?
Yes. Please note there will be a clinical supervisor in the vaccine hub so that you can discuss this prior to vaccination.

I received a letter form the NHS inviting me to take the vaccine, however I do not meet the above eligibility. Can I still take the vaccine?
Anyone who received an invitation letter from the NHS can take the vaccine irrelevant of their eligibility. Please bring the letter to your appointment.

I have taken my first and/or second vaccine abroad but is not registered with the NHS. Can I take my second/booster vaccine at the Hatzola clinic?
Yes. you can receive your second/booster vaccine at the Hatzola clinic even if you took your first/second one’s abroad. You must present proof of your other vaccines when attending our clinic.

Can Hatzola update my NHS record reflecting my jabs I received abroad?
We are working on this, however at present this is not possible.

I need to get my vaccine jab urgently due to travel arrangements. Can I have it done even if I do not meet the above eligibility?
The eligibility is based on clinical guidance and not for travel. However, you can call the Hatzola Vaccination Hotline 0161 708 9999 #2 to check your eligibility status.