Our Office

Correspondence Address:33 Broom Lane, Salford, M7 4EQ


Phone:0161 708 9999

(Non-emergency number)

Summary of our complaints procedure

  • Complaints about the Hatzola service should to be sent to the above address or email.
  • Upon receipt, the complaint will be recorded and acknowledged within 5 working days.
  • The complaint will be evaluated and investigated by an appointed manager.
  • The complaint will be fully investigated by a team member, and a thorough response will be provided.

A complete copy of the Hatzola Complaints Policy is available upon request.

Information for patients with impaired hearing or speech

Hatzola is here to serve anyone that calls for our assistance. However, at present, our telephone systems are not equipped to support people with significant hearing impairment.
If you need support with your hearing and need emergency assistance for any reason, please dial 999 and request attendance from the ambulance service first. They are equipped to support your hearing needs.

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We welcome your feedback, your views are important to us and can help us provide the best service to patients in the future.